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Appraisers LLC Business Values is a specialized business valuation services firm serving business owners, CPAs, financial advisors, attorneys, boards of directors, and investors.  Our clients have been taking high-quality business valuations to the IRS, government agencies, investors, banks, buyers and sellers, attorneys and courts for over 30 years. We and our partners have completed over 5,000 business valuations and business appraisals for companies with revenues ranging from $1 million to $100 million across virtually all major industries.

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Why Choose Appraisers LLC Business Values:

Expert Experience
We have been providing business valuation services for over 30 years. Our professional staff is comprised solely of senior appraisers and valuation experts with at least 10 years of business valuation experience.

Business Valuation Focus and Independence
We focus on business valuation services. We are not affiliated with an investment bank or other advisors and avoid conflicts of interest.

Senior Level Attention
Clients enjoy interaction with senior professionals who are intimately involved in each business appraisal project.

Focus on Closely Held Businesses
Our primary focus is on private and public companies with sales of $1 million to $100 million.

Cost Effective
Low overhead and cost control lead to value pricing

Prompt Service
We have the resources and technology to turnaround business valuations within one week.